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Full Version: VStar 1100 problems after starter replacement
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Howdy folks! So the one-way starter bearing (clutch) on my 2001 VStar 1100 went bad a week or so ago. I could tell because the starter motor free spun when I hit the starter button, plenty of electricity, plenty of gas, no clunking, no engine turn over. I tried push starting the bike, but was on flat ground and had no success. I towed the beast home, and started pulling it apart. I ordered an after market kit that included a gasket, starter gear, one-way bearing, washer, clip and the bearing that sits between the starter gear and flywheel. Everything went fine until I tried to pull the flywheel. I used a harmonic balancer puller from Harbor Freight with a breaker bar. The flywheel rotated clockwise several times due to my efforts. I eventually switched to an impact wrench, which finally broke the flywheel free. As soon as the flywheel was free, I rotated it so that the rear cylinder was at TDC, and the T line was visible through the timing window. I installed all the new parts, and the only complication I noted was that the new bearing parts seemed a little tight (it took some effort to rotate the gears with my hands). I re-installed all the parts, refilled the oil, etc. I went crank it up, and the bike will only start with the choke closed, and only runs on one cylinder if it starts at all. I thought that I may have messed up the timing, but the dot on the rear cylinder cam wheel lines up with the PpropriTe protrusion in under the cam cover, while the “l T” line is visible through timing window. I rotated the flywheel 290 degrees and the front cylinder was at TDC with the “l” line visible through the viewing window. Put the whole bike back together, added oil, and she won’t even start with the choke open! The bike will start with the choke closed, but only the rear cylinder is firing. Any suggestions?!?!
im doing the same except i snapped the timing gear putting it back together im trying to find out if i need to pull the engine to replace the siscor gear