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Full Version: Pulley Changes
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Hey all,
It seems to be a common issue people have with their 950's and 1300's, that there is not enough top end and at highway speeds and it feels like the bikes are straining at 65+ MPH. I too have this issue and would like better top end speed with lower RPM's, mainly I want a smoother ride. I have been reading many threads about changing the pulley's on my V-Star 950. I am trying figure out if the front pulley from the Striker (31T) will work on the 950 or if it only works on the 1300. I have read from different reviews that it works on the 1300 and the 950 and I have also read that it only works on the 1300. I also read about the rear pulley on a Raider (66T) might also work. Does anyone have any insight to this, also which pulley would you swap out to achieve a better top end?

-Front only?
-Rear only?