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Full Version: Newbie Asks: Why is My V-Star 650 Classic Revving High when I Stop?
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Hi folks. First post in here. Thanks for having me.

I haven't had a ride for over 30 years but recently bought a 1999 model of the aforementioned bike. I just trailered it up to a bike mechanic and had the usual tune-up stuff done to it, and they all said the bike is in magnificent shape for being a 20 year old bike.

Problem is I forgot to mention this revving issue to them -- completely slipped my feeble mind -- while I was at the shop.

It doesn't happen every time I ride but seemingly any time I'm on it for an half hour or more. Whether I'm in first with clutch in, or shifted into neutral it still revs like mad.

I'm not mechanic by a long shot, and when I called the mechanic about the issue yesterday a lot of what he said went right over my head, other than he's not familiar with this issue with these bikes, and something about checking to see if the throttle cable is sitting too taught when I stop and turn the handlebars to the left.

Any thoughts on this matter greatly appreciated. I'd hate to have to trailer the bike back up, because I live on a wee island and all told it takes 2 hours by ferry, and another hours drive to get to the shop. And that's only one way. >:P

Anyhoo, Cheers.

81 views and no one has any thoughts? Guess I'm on the wrong forum.