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Caring for love, such as a spring breeze, warms the heart; care, such as a golden red day, shines on the heart; care, such as a drop of pure nectar, nourish the heart. The mother's love is gentle and harmonious; the father's love is harsh and cold; and the teacher's love is great and selfless! That love is more severe than fatherly love, more delicate than maternal love, and more p bed, looking at the night sky, the stars would always look at me in the air, like the eyes, one by one Parliament Cigarettes. This can not help but remind me of the eyes full of trust, the amiable smile, the warm hamber when I was in the second grade of elementary school, we changed a math teacher in our class Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. When I first came here, I felt that I only had the word "severe". Gradually, we got along for a long time and found out that she is a very humorous teacher. After class, we will discuss some math problems together, like friends. Of course, all of this is premised on the serious completion of the learning task. I have always been a eugenic in the teacher's mind, so the teacher is very convinced of me. Therefore, she does not often check my homework. This is no, it is another Monday. As usual, in the math class, everyone took out their homework and waited for the teacher to check. I am no exception. So I put the homework that feels good on the table. Who knows that the teacher is actually whim to say that I want to check my homework. Suddenly I realized that I had forgotten to do a workbook! "This is over!" But I turned to think again: "Maybe the teacher will read me in the usual relationship Cheap Cigarettes. I hope so." After I finished, I couldn't help but shudder and took a cold sweat. So I quickly looked up and peered at the teacher's reaction. At first, the teacher smiled as usual, and when she opened my workbook Marlboro Lights, the smile solidified and disappeared How Much Is A Carton Of Newports. Unexpectedly, the teacher just criticized a few words and asked me to make up. It was so frightening that I passed a morning. At noon I added the homework again. In the afternoon, I carefully held the workbook in my hand, squatting and walking into the office, for fear of awakening other teachers. I didn't expect the teacher to stand outside the window, as if I had already expected it. I saw the teacher gently said "Holle!" I immediately returned to God and shuddered and said: "Teacher, this is my homework." I handed the workbook to the court with respect. The teacher patiently and meticulously checked it. Afterwards, the teacher said to me carefully, "I am still a good boy when I know the mistake!" I nodded and then ran away, and that afternoon, I remembered that this thing was still unsettlevening, I was lying on the bed and looking at the night sky. The stars always looked at me in the air, like eyes, squinting. This can not help but remind me of a look of trust, an amiable smile, that warm the spring rain, it nourishes the wheat seedlings; under the spring rain, it waters the flowers and plants; under the spring rain, it plays a song, a song that praises the teacher! The language of your lectures, the mountain springs that are pleasing to the eye; the creeks that are kind and sturdy; the rivers that flow like rushing and rushing... The spring silkworms have never said that they are self-satisfied, isn��t the silver wire that is spit out is the ruler for measuring life? Dear teacher! You are about to smell the aroma of peach and plum