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Full Version: New Moderator Positions
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Hey guys and gals,

As promised from yesterday, we are looking for two moderators to help us maintain order. No experience is necessary but we are going to be looking for someone that has proven loyal to the community. This helps prove to us that you'll be reliable and trustworthy as this is a stepping stone from moderator to super moderator to administrator if someone is interested in that. While there isn't any monetary incentive at this time, all staff members do get the benefit of free items like patches, stickers, t-shirts, and the like.

Some of the duties will be answering questions related to the board, troubleshooting member issues, organizing threads and posts, minimizing spam, and overall day to day oversight of the community.

If anyone is interested please let me know by either a response here or by a PM. As I will be out of town and unavailable starting tomorrow through Sunday, anyone interested will need to reach out to me as soon as possible so we can make a decision by May 3rd. If we don't choose you, don't take it personal as there will be other opportunities in the future.
If no one else steps up i can er want to?
:) Anyone who gets their cat high on cat nip is probably qualified. LOL.
Cool. This proves that this community is really expanding. Awesome.
And those cat eyes are hugeee. :D
Keep the private messages coming in regarding this! Thanks for all the support!
I have one name in mind but will refer the last day. :D
Sent my application to Jason should you get one too @Matt ?

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We have an automatic program to block your info Linden. :D:P kidding of course. I'm just sarcastic.

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And Jason is in Mexico on a mission.

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I didn't get one...you can forward it to me.

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Jason's mission in Mexico! Lol.

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No no no Jason is Mexico!

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Would love to... I spent a lot of time here everyday anyways :) ...

I don't ride to ad days to my life... I ride to ad life to my days!
@Linden Well picked photo.. Lol
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