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Full Version: Overwatch League teams choose their DPS heroes and their strategy
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The common mouse sensitivity range for competitive Overwatch players is between 3-7 in game sensitivity at 800 DPI. Using in-game sensitivity and DPI can be confusing, so we will now focus on using cm/360. Your cm/360 is the amount of centimeters of real life mouse movement needed to make your reticle perform a 360 degree spin.

While the phrases of Overwatch Boosting are strictly meant for in game situations, you may hear these terms both in the game and outside of it. They're not as important as phrases, but it's still good to know them so you can understand what other players say in conversation. As the attacking team, there will inevitably be times when your momentum seems to stall out at chokepoints that heavily favor the defending side.

Now that we’ve covered game types let’s talk about the different characters that Overwatch League players choose from. Players have to coordinate in order to move the payload or capture a control point, but how do they do it? Teams are playing a sophisticated game of paper-rock-scissors based on the three main categories of the characters they choose. First, DPS (damage-per-second) players are tasked with killing other players.

Overwatch maps don't do the best job of telling you this, but there are usually multiple routes you can take to reach your objectives, it's just that they're sometimes tucked away in shadows, or connect to an out-of-the-way opening in your spawn point. These settings might seem extremely low and difficult to adjust to, but I assure you it’s very worthwhile. Lower mouse sensitivity allows you to develop muscle memory that will enable you to perform precise movements reliably between games and sessions. No matter how much you practice with a very high sensitivity, the muscle movements required for small aim adjustments are too minor to be consistent.

If you want to be a human highlight real than DPS is for you. These players make the fancy plays, hit incredible shots, and change the tide of a game with a single click. Their mission, 9 times out of 10, is to seek and destroy. They have different ways of get Overwatch Boost Cheap, but the DPS heroes are all bloodthirsty killing machines. How Overwatch League teams choose their DPS heroes and their strategy is highly dependent on context.