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Full Version: Newbie here: Need specs for intake and exhaust valves
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I am a newbie getting back into riding. Haven't had a bike since I was in my 20s. Anyways I recently purchased a 2001 Yahama VStar 650 Custom with low miles.

The bike is in pretty good shape, rides good, it's clean with no signs of oil leaks but it needs TLC. A little bit about myself, at some point in my life I used to rebuild Auto Engines so I am very comfortable performing my own maintenance in our cars.

On the Yamaha, since I brought her home first thing I did was an oil change, oil filter element replacement, spark plugs replacement - gaped the plugs to specs. Waiting for air filter.

The bikes needs carbs cleaning - coming soon in the next few days. Since I am going to have the carburetor out for cleaning it will be the perfect time to check the valves (Intake & Exhaust) clearance. My goal is in the following order: Clean the carburetors, check the valves clearance (Intake and Exhaust) put her back together and synch the carburetors.

I have been doing a search online but I have not been very lucky finding the information on the valves.
Where can I find the specs on the valves?.