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Full Version: 2001 VStar 650 Stock Pipes or Custom?
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Newbie here, early November 2019., I purchased a 2001 VStar 650 in great condition at a good price. Additionally, I do not want to spend thousands of dollars on my first bike for obvious reasons.

The bike has a problem of starting in cold mornings, once the engine is warm she starts right up. I knew this before I even made the decision to purchase it. I am mechanically inclined, watched a few youtube videos on cleaning the carburetors and one day I pulled the trigger. The carburetors were pretty dirty which required a good cleaning, this was not surprise to me. Before installing the carburetors back on the bike I adjusted the air mixture screws to what the service manual recommends, 2 1/2 turns. Adjusted the Valves (Intake/Exhaust) and synchronized the carbs. The cold startup issue is still present and I will continue chasing this issue.

What brings me to this thread is an annoying popping or backfire on deceleration. It is important to note couple of things:
The popping is only coming from one cylinder, the front one.
During deceleration when the popping is present if I pull the clutch the popping stops.

The AIS is still fully functional on the motorcycle. My suspicion is that the popping can be caused by the AIS, since it is connected to the front cylinder. I am tempted to bypass it to see if the conditon stops but I do not want to cause damage to the pipes.
How do I know if I have stock pipes or custom?.

If the AIS is not a suspect then this could be caused by a lean or rich condition. As previously noted above, I know that both air mixture screws are set to the recommended 2 1/2 turns as instructed in the service manual.

Where do I go from here?.