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Full Version: V-Star 1300 Deluxe-Pics of Custom Seat and Bag Covers.
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[Image: 14778381607_ea71af151c_s.jpg] [Image: 14778251030_0383e6c3df_s.jpg] [Image: 14778391127_c2e07c954e_s.jpg]

This Local guy in MD does great work. This seat has also been heavily padded to move my wife forward so she's not sliding around, or trying to hold on. Now it pushes her 5 inches forward so she sits "in" the seat, not on it. Small lumbar support, she no longer feels the need for a backrest. Top notch stitching and materials, he does show quality stuff. He can also shave the pad down so if you are inseam challenged, you can flat-foot the bike. I bet a lot of women would benefit from this type of alteration. Bag Covers were icing on the cake.

WOW ! this is really nice, I have a 1300 deluxe also , love the bike and was thinking of switching for mustang seats, I will check with these guys before I make a purchase.