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Full Version: Utopia Backrest... Anyone have one? Reviews??
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Greetings Buddies..
I am looking for a Drivers Backrest that is comfortable and
affordable. The Mustang seat has nothing but great reviews but it also cost a
pretty penny. I found Utopia Drivers Backrests that look really good and have
great reviews on their site, but I want to hear it from you all. The backrest
cost about $199.00. I like that the backrest folds down.


So!! If you have any info that would be great. Thank you.

@Manny I haven't seen these before but looking at it if you ride 2 up it might be uncomfortable for your passenger. looks like it takes away seat space and if she is not an acrobat it might be difficult to get on and off. plus you have to pull your seat apart to install it so it's there for good.

just my 2 cents for what it's worth.

KimSnot aka Pasti-dip Freak

Ride: "Gracie" 2007 Road Star 1700. 2014/2015 President STAR Chapter 224, El Cajon, CA
I just pulled the trigger on an Ultimate Seats set up...driver's seat and backrest. Will let you know how I like it once it arrives and I get some time in the saddle!
I have a Utopia on my Royal Star Venture and worth every penny