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Full Version: Parts help
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I am new to both this forum as well as my new-to-me 07 V-Star 1100 Silverado.

I know this isn't an engine part, but I could not find any fitting category.

Looking for the left footrest mounting bracket. Really hoping to NOT buy the whole darn assembly for only that bracket.

Thanks for any help

Welcome to the forum. Have you checked eBay? Sometimes people part our bikes on there. I think there is also a "bike wrecker" website but I can't recall the URL right now...maybe somebody else will know it.
if yours is just bent it can be straightened in a vice fairly easy but if it twisted you'll need heat. the bracket is just mild steel so it not very hard to work it straight. bent my right one once, got it straight with a vice and a very large adjustable wrench and a heavy hammer. no heat. an auto body can straighten just about any mild steel. i think a new one is 89.00 i doubt you'll find anyone that's willing to break that assembly down to sell those parts individually.
Thanks everybody!

I will be window shopping ebay tonight I think. Smile