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Full Version: electrical gremlin.
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Not riding much lately due to employment, but just replaced battery last month, now with just one ride on the bike, my voltage on the battery is 6 v and will not charge while on the bike. I do not have a strong enough ammeter on hand. I am thinking the charging system is wore out. Any ideas before I take it to a mechanic.
9 out 10 times its the regulator. . put your hand on it after 5min of running it should be starting to warm if it's cold it could be bad. i bought a second regulator on e-bay to keep in my bags 5years ago and haven't needed it yet. but it's nice to know it's there if i need it. peace of mind only 20 bucks. i also keep a length of fuel line and plug wire unions. http://www.electrosport.com/technical-re...stem-works. you don't really need to check stator amperage as a restience test will suffice