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Full Version: V Star 1300 handlebars
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Ok so im looking to replace my handle bars on my 2013 v star 1300 but im not looking to spend a ton of money. Is there anyone on here that can suggest a decent set of bars were i could keep my stock cables and controls..in know its hard to find a product in which i could do so but im really not looking to go broke with this project and i have a huge problem called a wife that complains about my hobby lol, anyway if someone could help me in this venture i would greatly appreciate it
This site has a ton of info. There are a lot of options that don't require a cable change. http://1300tourer.com/search/node/1300+handlebars

I went with the Baron's and install was pretty easy. You won't be able to re-use the stock weights so I also upgrades the grips when I did the change.
Replacing the handlebars is a very inexpensive process. Handlebars are not expensive (if you do them yourself).

But, I will tell you this... Buy a decent quality handlebar set. Do not buy a cheap set, because a thin set will either corrode quickly, or break eventually.

Also, if you are getting something higher (like Ape hangars), you're going to have to spend the money on lengthened brakes/clutch/throttle cable, as well as lengthening the electrical. Don't forget to factor that into your calculation.

J&P cycles, JC Whitney, or your local dealership will provide you more info, as well. I've replaced many handlebars on a few bikes, things to look for... Risers, measure your mounting surface, and make sure you don't go crazy with the height. Too high up, your hands will go numb (and may be illegal in your state).

Hope this helps.
SS Custom Cycle RSTD bars are a great option. I have them in my 2015 1300 deluxe. Few more inches of pull back And works with stock cables. 100$ is all it costs.