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Full Version: Highway/Crash bars with 6" extensions?
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Hello all,

First off I apologize if this question has been asked and answered before. I tried browsing a bit and used the search function, but I may be entering the wrong phrases cause I came up with nada.

I'm very new to riding, just got my first bike a few weeks ago. 2005 V-Star 1100 Classic, which has basically been turned into a Silverado package even though it didn't come that way.

I actually have been very comfortable with the bike except for it's default foot control and pedal positions. I'm about 300lb and 6"4' and it was just like crouching. I recently ordered some 6 Inch extensions for the controls and pedals and boy it sure feels like a dream now. The only thing I hate is I had to remove the Lindby Linebar in order to make the things fit. Which I'm upset about because they REALLY looked great I think and plus I like the idea of having some protection for my bike if I lay her down...

I know this was a really round about way of asking but I just wanted to give some background info, but are there any engine guards for the V-Star 1100 that will work with the 6" extensions?

Thanks for any help folks.
I had the same problem with my xvs 650 classic, I managed to keep the crash / engine guards on mine by making a set of spacers for the front of the extension plates where the original controls bolt on, they are about 10mm thick, my extensions were from extensiondepot.com
Cheers Andrew
I have the 3" extensions that I modified for use with the stock (I assume) highway bar. I had to flip it and use the round holes to mount the controls and the slotted hole side to mount to the bike. I also had to use threaded inserts to bolt the controls to the extension. 3" is the max you can use with the highway bar without total re-engineering.