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03-02-2018, 08:18 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-02-2018, 08:19 PM by Rarrowsmith.)
New to the VStars!
Hey Everyone,
First time posting.

Just purchased an 07 VStar 1100 with 12,000 Miles. I'm very excited, and have already bought almost $2,000 worth of extras and aftermarket stuff to dress up the bike (it's almost 100% stock).

A few things -
- A dealer has talked me out of Installing a NEW Batwing Fairing on the bike. It's a bitchin fairing that came with it when I bought it. It's primed, Painted (the Vstar Metallic Silver that is on a lot of the bikes) and came with a new uninstalled Stereo with 2 6x9 Polk Speakers (Also still unused and not installed). The service guy I spent a lot of time with the other day told me to sell em. He said if i'm a real audiophile and OCD, he said the rattle and vibrations will drive me nuts, and that the extra weight on the forks (since it wasn't designed for this), would be a bad idea in the long run? Thoughts? The guy was really knowledgeable, and everything he said made sense. I couldn't believe how cool/honest he was.
- If i'm not installing them (thinking about getting 4 of the BOSS or MTX PODS), they're up for purchase in the MA Area!!! :)
- I"m going as balls to the wall as possible. I bought new slip-ons, oil relocation, amp/speakers, tinted windshield, spike air cleaner...Most things have read that if i do everything BUT the air cleaner, I won't have to rejet (or atleast a low chance of needing to). Thoughts?
- I'm scared to rejet. I'm not afraid to get wrenching, but i'm worried about jetting and calibrating. Anyone in the MA area into helping? I'm happy to pay and learn, but some of the pricing I got from two shops are quite frankly outrageous to me. I understand everyone needs to get paid, but If i wasn't so worried, I could do it myself over the course of a day!

I"m sure i'll be asking more questions over the next few weeks. Ordered ALL my stuff today (but the spike filter), and will be getting to work on it next week. Looks like a great community, and a bike that's pretty well loved.

Thanks for the time everyone!
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