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05-13-2018, 08:57 PM,
High rev missing.
Buddies bike sat around 2 1/2 years due to a hanging idle issue we determined was from cracked intake manifolds. push the carbs just right and it wouldnt hang up. release pressure and hang up returns.

He and his wife had a baby shortly after that and had many many bills since the baby was born premature. Fast forward and now we are working on it so he and I can ride together again. So heres a list of what we have done so far...

Disassembled and dipped the carb for 24 hours in Berrymans.
New orings, float seats, and float needles all around.
New intake manifolds and orings.
Checked the valve adjustments and new orings in the covers.
Oil change and filter.
Synced carbs with the Carbtune Pro gauges.
New plugs.
New fuel lines.
Wasnt charging so we OHMed out the stator and shorted each leg to ground..then started the bike and saw we had great AC voltage on all 3 legs..ordered a R/R today for that issue.

So the problem is that when we rev it it up it starts missing back and forth. I retook the carbs off and rechecked all the jets and again ran a can of carb spary and air through everything to be sure. He was riding it when it started giving the hanging idle so we hadnt checked timing. We basically rebuilt th carbs and did a valve check seeing the carbs were out and now its acting sketchy.

So what have we missed or unitentionally messed up???
05-14-2018, 05:30 PM,
RE: High rev missing.
Nothing?? Not any suggestions on what may be making it miss? It wasnt doing it last time he rode it. Rode fine except the hanging idle thing.
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