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05-18-2018, 03:03 AM,
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Low SpecsJust because a computer is new doesn mean it ready for today computing world. Computers with low specs, such as weak processing power and tiny amounts of random access memory (RAM), are sold to the budget market because they are affordable and users aren told the full truth about their performance capabilities. While these lower end computers may run a word processing program and solitaire without incident,
According to Jess's account of things, Aziah was a mess 'the thing that got in the car was not the same Aziah I picked up in the bar days before!' the whole story is based on Aziah's jealousy after she only made $1 stripping (compared to Jess who made $100), there was no murder, and'Z', although he exists, is not even close to his real name.
Why aren we addressing the real issue. I agree with kakilicli comments regarding these results being reported being subjective, parents reporting information being influenced by what they heard/read. Its only in the United States that our children go into schools and shoot their classmates and teachers and then turn the guns on themselves.
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