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05-18-2018, 03:56 AM,
entrance growing rate
each have 17.1 billion franc to reach 13.8 billion franc. With respect to the entrance growing rate looks, except Sweden the entrance ebbs considerably 36% besides, the entrance of solid composite lawn edging most Europe country is behaved all very strong. Import amount Portuguesely to jump for example 30.9% , most outstanding. The entrance Yi Mingxian of Italy, Finland and Spain grows 20.6% , 19.5% reach 18.4% . The market of quite stable already

maturity is like Germany, France and England, pvc flooring wood look entrance growing rate all is amounted to each 5.5% , 10.1% reach 15.6% . The furniture of other Europe country of member of the couplet that be not Europe imports total value to have 43.9 billion franc, amount appears not small, but still have a paragraph of space with wood arbor over deck with plastic roof plans the entrance total value of Home Ou Lianguo. With respect to exit the respect is analysed, add up to of

Home Ou Lianguo was exported 1998 1, the furniture of 52 billion franc, grow 5.1% , and 70% departments exit reachs adjacent Europe country, be defeated by past Europe with nonlocal floors material outdoor in finland area person occupy only 30% . Italy is furniture to export kingdom, exit amount amounts to 48.5 billion franc, the 26.9 billion franc of banner Germany, the exit amount of two countries is total nearly the in part that Ou Lianguo exports
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