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07-13-2018, 05:07 AM,
MMOtank:The game's launch on Change
Fortnite has recently become a field of struggle in the console war, given that the game's launch on Change. That helped put a fine point on the deficiency of cross-play on PlayStation 4, and Nintendo and Microsoft have seemingly awakened to jab in Sony over the custom. Sony has been hesitant to promise a change in its coverage, and a former Sony studio head recently came forward to state that based on his time in the business, the choice was about cash.

There was lots of speculation about where the comet would hit during Season 3 of Fortnite: Battle Royale. Many people believed the thing was heading for Tilted Towers as part of a broad-scale map attempting to decrease the city's importance in the current meta. The concept was that it would level tilted and afterwards trigger some sort of dinosaur or post-apocalyptic-themed Season 4. Clearly, that didn't happen, but one Reddit user was telling us all along. InternetAdam turned out to have a genuine intel on Season 4, right forecasting the Dusty Depot impact and the superhero motif. And so we wonder:

InternetAdam's other prediction about Season 4 was that the map was about to begin shifting weekly in tiny ways instead of all at the same time, which certainly came true. And so with a batting average of 1000, we turn to the Fortnite oracle's final forecast: that Moisty Mire would look totally different by season's end. With the missile currently threatening to launch some moment from the supervillain lair near Snobby Shores, the concept that it may blow off the film series now sitting in the swamp? It is the best we have got to go on, right now.

I am still a bit sceptical, however. InternetAdam went dim pretty soon after making those predictions, and it's not such a leap to assume the Epic was none too pleased to see so a lot of its specific plans leak out to the general public so soon ahead of the company's big Season 4 show. We don't understand who this person was, but we do not understand that they no longer appear to gain access to privileged information. And we are aware that the programmer is nothing if not nimble: it built the Avenger's: Infinity War Crossover in two weeks. So it wouldn't be such a jump to assume that the team tweaked the end of year plans somewhat after this info leaked out.

I'm doubtful that the missile is going to ruin part of the map at all: it's a little too similar to the comet to possess exactly the same level of effect again. My guess is it's likely to serve some kind of gameplay function, either as part of a limited time manner or only a new toy to play with in the conventional mode, though likely for a limited time.

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