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10-18-2018, 07:32 AM,
Front engine mount
I have a 1999 Vstar 1100, as you know the front cylinder has a massive mounting bracket on top of the front cylinder.
I think it is a throwback to the Virago , where the engine was a stressed member as there was no frame down-tubes.

The question is can it be removed?
I've seen a few custom frames with V-Star engines and they don't use the top engine mount.
Maybe the front lower engine mount isn't man enough to stop the engine twisting under load.
11-20-2018, 07:47 AM,
RE: Front engine mount
Ok, I contacted a few custom shops that have builds on YouTube etc.
Got a reply from Pacific Coast Star and they said:

"Yes the mount can be removed, but to fully remove it you will need to do some cutting to the frame and the bolts on the top of the engine. Not a real big deal, but you’ll need to touch up the paint once you clean it all up. Black epoxy paint works very well for that. We have found no need to reinforce the other mounts at all".

So I removed the mount and have been running it for a week, no signs of any movement, I made a simple gauge to see if there is any twisting.
It looks so much better IMO.

Next I'll move the rear brake reservoir and relocate the horn.
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