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03-15-2019, 03:34 AM,
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Make affinity make your targets take .25 .1 more damage per affinity stack. Perhaps make it so the more runescape gold affinity you have, the greater the bonus becomes. So 1 4 affinity is valued at .25% more dps, 5 8 valued at .50% more dps, and 9 10 valued at 1% more dps.xhanort7RSN: Chris Pirtle Loyal Customer since 2007
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a huge part of the enjoyment was reading the books in the order they were written, so you could go back and read the prequelsAs someone who was advised by his librarian at the time to start with one of the prequels before reading Redwall proper (because "this one comes first"), I going to loudly echo this sentiment. I felt genuinely robbed when I finally started reading Redwall and found that most of the mystery of that novel had been spoiled already by the prequel.
See, you moving the goalposts of what my point above was originally. That it upholds the INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty aspect of our common law. Common law is set in precedent, it not a to be innocent until proven guilty. Precedent is moving closer and closer to being guilty until proven innocent. Providing checks to the power balance that prosecutors and judges have would be a good thing; as currently they generally only need to convict a jury of peers,
Pointless to you maybe? You know nothing of me and my motivationa to make this argument and your lack of ability to talk on the subject other than saying It doesn which this last post is a longer version of does nothing to contribute to any conversation. As i said, being innocent untill proven guilty is alm based on common law (precedent). If you would rather be guilty until proven innocent then by all means keep thinking that the idea has zero merit, even if just a theoretical idea on a reddit thread.
Hello friend. This is the guy who designed and built this house. For the record that is not a normal door. It happens to be a "Passive House " certified door imported from Ireland from a company called Klearwall. This Hobbit house is much more than meets the eye it is built to "Passive House " standards. This means it is one of the most energy efficient homes built in the world. That door cost me $5000.
Ps: I really wanted to make it round just like the movie but it was not feasible.and if it is someone on parole/probation even the accusation of a crime can literally be a guilty sentence.My buddy had some friends over for his 22nd birthday, some of us are still in college and stuff. I didn't work until 3pm the next day so I like sure, why not. I hang out with them and we go to this bar for trivia. It was fun,
even and kind of especially when they're not even his toys and when he had no intention of playing with them. He'll just grab a toy our kid has and throw it down the stairs and shit. He's very sweet other times and will kiss our kid when he starts crying, but he's developing into a bully. It won't be long until he sophisticates how he avoids punishment, if he continues developing the way he is right now.Guys!Hurry to Join Large Coupon Activity on RSorder 11th Anniversary:Up to $15 off for Runescape 07 gold/Runescape gold and other products buying on Mar.16-Mar.22!
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