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04-17-2019, 03:25 AM,
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Adding emblems as drops isn fixing the problem. There is absolutely no reason why most of the new content rewards have to come from PvM. The fair thing to do would be to make changes to BH so that it actually makes PvP lovers go back to it and participate in it. Reward distribution shouldn happen ever.
It not about simply making the rewards available and it not about it being "not a lot of work". That like using braindumps for an exam. The easy alternative isn always the right one when you aren learning anything. It a lazy "fix" and doesn actually push devs to learn how to make content more appealing.
Some people boost BH, some people don but that doesn mean the rewards need to become slayerscape rewards. The rewards should stay PvP exclusive. Boosting is far better than undermining the point of having rewards come from different content.Raids gear should be obtainable by chopping trees. This would be acceptable under your premise. 37 points submitted 2 days ago
For the love of God Jagex, the whole concept of updates being "surprises" has worked out horribly for you, stop.2017 was dubbed the "year of expansions" and the first expansion was such an immense failure that it was enough to scrap the entire concept of expansions from there on out. If that not a huge of enough reason to think otherwise then I dunno what is.
Now, I playing kinda efficiently and it still feel like it takes forever. I can imagine being a new/newer player. You put 200 hours into the game and you not even close to the supposed "endgame". It feels like it is, and it really might be, a few thousand hours of game time until you max.Some people will argue that RS has always been a grindfest, and I might even have to agree. But it makes sense that most of the updates will be mostly for the loyal playerbase that has reached high levels. If only there would be some kind of. catch up mechanic maybe? Like double xp weekends?I can appreciate the argument against dxp weekends that it messes with the economy. It does, and it doesn help the materials retain value. It takes a real overhaul of drop tables/skilling in general to make gathering skills/artisan skills worth doing.
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