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08-15-2019, 11:35 PM,
When I was writing
When I was writing, I was very attentive, just like there was only one road in front of me. This road blocked the other roads, but it kept my footsteps. In fact, I do this when I don't write. For example, I can't cook while cooking. For example, reading a book, I can't listen to music while reading a book. I never deliberately stopped this habit, let it go with the flow. Dewdrop quietly, I focused on watching its smile, the leaves moved slightly, I focused on seeing the different lines in the old house. Once I put a large stack of hard paper on the table, I want to learn to edit In a pineapple kitchen, there was a yellow croaker in the afternoon. The fish was eaten by the big cats of the neighbors and the dishes were cleaned. It jumped in from the window of the corridor, I didn't notice it. Another thought, okay, fortunately, I did not see, because I am most afraid of cats, it is always fleshing at people, like a rogue. Another time I answered the phone at home, the doorbell rang for a long time. I thought that there was a kind of music on the phone. When the sister came in, it was said that one night is a rib. What is more than everything is my friend��s specificity. Friends who have passed, I hope to be able to communicate for a long time, treat friends like I treat my loved ones, and for a long time, I don��t have any thoughts if I don��t contact me. I like people who are kind, kind, and careless. My love for my friends is like a huge tape. Every day I am entangled in my love, always turning. Life is diverse, everyone has their own habits, and naturally it is true that when I was young, I was such a character. The language teacher asked us to write an essay, the title is ideal. At that time, I especially loved popsicles, and I wrote an essay titled "I want to sell popsicles when I grow up." I portrayed the popsicles to the extent of the wood. The teacher praised me for being vivid, but this ideal has nothing to do. I remember working for many years. After I got some results, I went to see the teacher, sent a few books I wrote, and gently signed my name. The teacher held me in my arms and said: Good students. I love my profession very much. I never fight with the world and fight with others. It comes to me so naturally. Of course this is the result of my writing in the blood every day. For many years, I have been with romance every day, with hardships, and with the storm, I am like a person who has no ending, but I love. The same is true of my home. Although it is relatively clean at home Parliament Cigarettes, I am used to putting things that I can use at any time where I can see them. This is messy, but I am very convenient. The sun shines on the red furniture and the floor, and the shadows are all me: I am unkempt, I am sleeping on the nightdress, and I am lazy to drink juice on the bed. In addition, I have another habit: I sleep and recognize the bed. There is a bed of velvet velvet on the big bed in winter, and a pink towel on the summer bed. I never stack them Cheap Cigarettes. They spread softly on the bed and are always available for me. It is very troublesome to leave my bed and sleep. I like to watch the clouds float in the sky. I like to watch the stars naturally disappeared. I like to see you really crying. In fact, there is naturally a law of mass: the real place where I walk on the real road Cigarettes For Sale, happiness, pain, warmth, bitterness, I am willing to treat it naturally.
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