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08-15-2019, 11:36 PM,
been a week
It��s been a week, and I still can��t sleep well. It is not for the matter of watching flowers last week. I was a little excited when I mentioned the flowers. I regard them as life, dreamy eyes, and wiping the window that life is indispensable. I dare to say how ridiculous and timid it would be if the elves of the flowers were missing in my life. I am so infatuated with flowers for a reason. Please allow me to start with Mei. When the earth is severely sealed by the wind and snow, when every road and every mountain pass gasps, where is my plum? At this time, the black branch that cracked the wound was squatting in the wind, but it could not see the young plum standing up in its body. It is only standing at the tip of the needle, but it stands desperately to meet the bigger snow. It can be said that all the mountains and rivers in the world surrendered under the threat of snow. Only Mei, the little plums in the heart greet the snow in the blood of life. Mei knows that every petal should be opened, and every inch of his fragrance must be released, not a pair of weak hands can reach. Mei��s life is cast by colder snow and colder ice. Cold is its beauty, and snow is its verse. Mei did not retreat. Instead of despising his tragic fate Newport Cigarettes Coupons, it laughed out in the snow of the sky. The snow is still down. Mei is cold, painful, and bitter waiting in his darkened home. Its deep suffering and deep waiting are the whole of its love and the inevitability of love. Really, Mei��s love for the snow has deeply shocked me. It greets suffering, greets tears, welcomes the hail of the sky, and greets the death after opening. What kind of love and what kind of life? I often have numb feet and stiff limbs in the snow, but Mei Zheng smiles on my head. However, when the snow came, he left, never leaving a word to Mei, never stopping for any ecstasy of Mei. Mei knows that this is snow, and this is the life philosophy of snow. Is Mei's tolerance and understanding a grand fate that she can't change? I also have a bit of pain in the rape of thousands of acres. You think about it, when thousands of acres of dazzling yellow rape blossoms come over, what can you say? What can you describe? You have used up your words and you have lost your right to speak. Really, the kind of thousands of acres of brilliant yellow, forced the life of the prosperous yellow, the kind of hears thousands of bees screaming crazy yellow, what can you say when the rape blossoms open to the unstoppable At that time, I always thought of the strange women who rushed to the edge of the knife, the kind of burning, the kind of madness, even the madness of willingness to destroy the next moment, you can't stop them, they open the shudder. what is love? what is love? Is it a lifetime of madness? Crazy overdraft? I do not know. I just thought that if love is in a "mad" word, it is actually a very simple matter, it is very crude. I think of the crazy thousands of acres of open sunflowers, remembering the sunflowers that Van Gogh opened up to save his art and life. In Van Gogh's extremely lonely and lonely days, Van Gogh's emotions were ridiculously extreme. Lack of money, lack of warmth, lack of love, an artist, these are enough to make him desperate. One day, he saw a sunflower in his tavern, his lovely appearance, sexy waist, and he boldly confessed to her, but this sunflower ignored his date, but also laughed at him. . At that moment, in order to prove his sincere love, Van Gogh frantically cut off his left ear in a second. Although Van Gogh couldn't stand up, one hand grabbed the bleeding ear and one hand picked up the ground and wept, but the woman left. To this end, Van Gogh has been suffering for several years. Here, I don't want to discuss why the sunflowers on Van Gogh's paintings are so full of white, black, red, intoxicating, full of happiness and disaster. I just want to ask the world's top painters, what is love? In addition to madness, besides burning, such as boundless sunflowers? Boundless rapeseed? I don't know Newport 100S. It��s just that every time I see a large piece of acacia blossoming, I have a feeling of happiness and sadness in my heart. What makes me speechless is the butterfly. When spring comes, we know that those who can��t have flowers can��t The living butterfly has all woke up. They hovered around the top of the mountain, the river, the fields, and all the flowers in the park for twenty-four hours. But the butterfly is still not satisfied, especially those long and pointed powdery flowers, but also covered with honey, and countless birds flying around, as well as spring and spring rain. At this time, the petty butterfly yelled at the flowers: Love is selfish, and I absolutely must use death to defend my love. When the butterfly is finished, it jumps into a flower similar to its body, and a jump is a lifetime. Look, the center of the park, a large piece of pansy, which has no big, black and infatuated eyes of butterflies, which one has no wings that the butterfly takes off, you see two beautiful wings with gold rims, and Ten thousand flowers and spring breath are combined into one. It can be said that the butterfly sacrificed all of its life in order to occupy all the love of spring. I remembered those women who couldn't get love, I remembered the idiots who jumped on the cliffs of Mount Emei, and remembered the story of a high school student in our school. I also remembered a good friend of mine, and her The husband is married in eight years before he gets married, but the fact that the child breaks up after he has been born. what is love? It is really possessed, it is really changed with death, like a butterfly; it is really crazy, absolutely burning, like the sunflower in the hands of Van Gogh Newport Cigarettes, the rape in my eyes; it is really bitter every moment, etc. Change with tears, like our plum. I really don't know anything. I only know that love is a loyal pigeon, and the month of trustworthiness is a moment and a permanent call from both sides. However, how many people in real life can keep the promise of the millennium? Who can see clearly in the depths of people? How many fireworks and winds are filled in the human bones? In fact, even humans themselves do not know.
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