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10-12-2019, 02:43 PM,
Welcome MarkTex!
Everyone welcome MarkTex to the forum! You can check out our Facebook page here! Make sure to watch our contest thread for a chance to win cool VStar gear!
10-12-2019, 05:31 PM,
RE: Welcome MarkTex!
Hello everyone!

I'm from a small city South of Houston, TX. So, I ride on country roads and major freeways - 5 or 6 lanes going one direction -- which seem to be under perpetual construction !!

I bought my 2104 V-Star 950 Tourer in June of 2018 with 400 miles on it. I put 1400 miles on her from end of June 2018 when I got her to May 2019. Parked her this summer due to some health issues. Just got back on her last week.

I'm the 3rd owner. She ran like a champ when I test road her. She looks new except for a few small minor scratches/scars on her leather bags - looks like something fell on her while she was in one of the prior owners' garages.

She came with:

1.A Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing already installed with a 5" spoiler windshield in Smoke tint (I think that's the tint).
2.A SSPFlags 11" x 15" sissy bar mounted American Flag.
3.Seller also included the original Yamaha windshield which has never be installed on the bike.

I have added:

a.Cobra Tachometer
b.Memphis Shades Wind Deflectors in Black to the bottom edge of the Memphis Shade.
c.Memphis Shade 9” spoiler windshield in Smoke tint.
d.j.w. Speaker Adaptive 2, 5 ¾” Headlight
e.Airhawk - R-REVB Cruiser R Large Motorcycle Seat Cushion
f.SSPFlags “Betsy Ross” American Flag & Texas Flat to swap out with my American Flag.

The new headlight, seat cushion, and Betsy Ross Flag are all brand new adds.

I’ve ridden once with the new (dang expensive) headlight and I was disappointed with the low beam; although the high beam is incredible (see below.

I will ride today for the first time with the new seat cushion.

Future Plans:

I’ll be adding some more lights to the front, probably Denali DR1’s; additional lighting to the back, running & brake lights; and an air horn. Maybe some slip-on pipes and a different air intake; and a million other thinks I can think of, but don’t want to spend the coin for!

Glad I found the forum.

Best regards,
Just some notes of interest below.

j.w. Speaker’s installation mounting system/kit for the 950 tourer is a bit of a joke for such an expensive light. Their “LED Headlight Conversion Kit 610” basically has you throw away the OEM headlight aiming bracket and attach the triangle shaped fixed bracket. It becomes obvious that j.w. Speaker knew this would remove any way for you to have any vertical aim adjustment. Horizontal adjustment requires removal of the outer bezel ring, removal of the headlight, loosening 2 screws, push headlight up or down, tighten 2 screws, reassemble, test, guess again, and do it all over again – at night for best results!

If I had known about Motodemic, I would have purchased the headlight from them. They sell the same headlight, but with a better conversion bracket (than j.w. Speaker makes/sells) that does not require you to throw away the OEM headlight aiming bracket, but they do admit you will lose vertical aiming (they state you don’t need vertical aiming due to the design of the light – I’m OK with that), but you do NOT lose horizontal aiming and it’s a much easier install !

Motodemic's Yamaha-Cruiser-led-headlight-upgrade.

I’m going to use thin washers under the screw heads of j.w. Speaker’s triangle bracket to tip the light to point where I need it. Going to start with 3 washers under the bottom left screw, 2 washers under the bottom right screw, no washer under the top screw (leave as it is, but loosen it while tightening bottom 2 screws). This should raise my low beam – which I need and move the beam slightly to the right (which I may or may not need).

If I was not outside of the return window for my original vendor when I installed this new headlight, I would have returned it after I installed it and saw its deficits; and I would of bought the Motodemic version – perhaps even the less expensive “EVO S” Motodemic model.

I hope that helps someone else.
I still get buffeting with the taller 9” spoiler windshield. I’m 5’11” and I wear glasses, so buffeting bounces my glasses around – makes it tough to see and enjoy the ride like I want! I think I am going to try Memphis Shades Batwing Standard Windshield 12” version in clear or black gradient to see if this helps the buffeting. Or, I might put on that original unused Yamaha windshield I got from the seller – have to check the height of it.

What do you think?

She could use other top “gear” to be more comfortable on the freeway – I’m sure Yamaha did this on purpose to move buyers away from these entry level cruisers to a bigger bike. These entry level cruisers are like the “ad” car or truck on the Sales lot – get ‘em in the door; then up-sell them.

Any thoughts about needing a 6th top gear?

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