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11-03-2019, 12:13 AM,
Any idea what may be going on ?
I have a 2001 Custom. Here are things I have recently had done before I get to my issues. I have updated these things in the past few months.

1. New choke cable
2. New throttle cables
3. Removed AIS
4. Have cobra drag slip ons.
5. New exhaust gaskets.
6. New sparks
7. Cleaned out the carbs. Replace the Diaphragms, pms screws, pilot screws.
8. New Air filter

So here is my issue that I have to find out the culprit.At first start up, up until the bike is nice a warmed up, I get a mixture of what smells like fuel and somewhat a dark color. These Cobra slips on have removable baffles so the dark color is probably the soot from them as this liquid passes through. What looks like to me is its either running really really rich or too much fuel is getting past and not burned up as it enters the cylinder. This is happening in the rear (#1 cylinder) exhaust which is the shorter pipe. The front one(cylinder #2 and longer pipe) is nice and dry and exhaust is clear as a bell. So this issue with the rear one, it does this until the bike is warmed up to operating temperature and it goes away. Now during this period of time, if I give it some throttle, out comes a nice big cloud of white smoke. This too goes away once it is warmed up to hot running temps.I will also mention that I can touch the rear exhaust pipe much longer with my fingers than I can with the front pipe. That does tell me that its not heat up at the same rate as the front cylinder. Every one I have show this too that is a rider for many years says wow that that is not right. Exactly I know! So where do I begin or what could I adjust to get this much spewing to stop. None of my other carb bikes do this so I know its not normal. What puzzles me is its only doing this out of one pipe. I have a good spark and its not fouled out. What things should I look to? Do I turn my PMS screw to make it more lean cause its running way to rich? Could it be an issue with my carbs needing proper adjustment for the rear head? Does any of the other screws in the carbs(inside where the bowl is) need dialed in better? I just dont know what to do to start and rule out things. I am pretty handy and have done many things but internal engine work is not one of them. I just wont be at a piece of mind until I can get this spewing of unburned fuel/soot to stop during the warm up process. Like I said earlier, it stops after its completely warmed up. Maybe the carbs need synced too. I am not sure. Any one else every go through this? I want to learn more about this bike as I can. Its a beautiful ride and I want to enjoy it for years to come. So if anyone can give me some step to take or maybe a blog you have read about this somewhere, please refer me to it. I can post a video if anyone needs to see what I am talking about. I can also email it and SMS message it to you as well. I appreciate all the advice and pointers I receive. I will do my best to check back and read the replys. I am also open to text messaging other members here too. I am on there way more than I am sitting down at my computer. Thanks everyone. God Bless.
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