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11-13-2019, 10:09 PM,
How to choose good floor?
In beginning the process the floor must be very clean. Some very strong chemical cleaners may be necessary to do the cleaning if there are any of those very strong stain spots (like oil or paint). Such cleaners as heavy duty detergents and or lye (like Drano) can be most helpful if not necessary while cleaning. When the stains are removed, rinse the floor completely several times. So that there is no detergent residue remaining, it is important to have all the cleaning products removed.
When the rinsing is complete the cement needs to be etched. A kit containing concrete etch material can be helpful in this step if purchased. For the etching, make sure you are using a mild acid such as sulfuric or phosphoric acid. Some acid products that are available for etching like HCI, will cause cement crumbling. As recorded above, avoid specific acids listed in the directions provided.
When completed with the etching, it is advisable to do a heavy grit paper sanding of the floor to remove any 'loose' material and then vacuum the floor completely picking up any particles left. When complete, do another very through rinsing and then make sure the cement is completely dry before proceeding to the next step.
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