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12-19-2019, 12:47 AM,
25% of the fences knocked
Comment about the weather, how nice their yard looks, you like their car, but make some nice comment or brag on the house, the yard are maybe the boat out back. This will start a conversation and break the ice. You are making a first impression and building confidence in a few minutes, so you need to
give it your best shot. Then you can tell them why you stopped and what you have to offer. The Sale Your main objective is to build that confidence enough for the home owner to invite you in their home or either ask if you could come in and explain what you are selling and demonstrate or show them
the product you are selling. This is the biggest obstacle to overcome, but once you do, that is about 80% of the sale. Then it's up to you and your presentation and knowing how to close the sale. In your conversation with the home owner, try to find a need for your product and fill that need. You
" cost of weatherproof deck finishes , benefits of tongue and groove "
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