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02-13-2020, 12:27 AM,
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What it says on the tin. I have inherited a diamond (3 mm) in a (small, unobtrusive) pendant that I would like to wear out and about, but rs gold apparently such an item is considered more of an "evening wear" type of thing. I don't like attracting attention with my jewelry. My question: what is the general etiquette for wearing diamonds or precious stones (that are of average size, not huge blingy boulders) if they are not set in wedding or engagement bands?
"Why don't you do a blog on the best beer you ever had?" he said in a recent email, "I've got a ripper of a post." Well, seeing it's Friday and summer's in the air smell of frangipani ocean sky blue it seems like a good time to give Uncle Pete his wish.
Also why have the C not been asked the hard questions? Like why the hurry to leave OK? Why not get all the paperwork signed before they left? Why the whole secrecy surronding baby birth? They filed for adoption in SC 3 DAYS AFTER SHE WAS BORN before both states had even approved the transfer of the baby to SC, why wait 4 mths to notify father and why is it not a TPR and just I wont contest adoption and I waive my 30 days?? WHy did they ignore the mom when according to the SC ruling she told them all he was NA even after the denial came in? Why did they not send their lawyer to the base with a TPR right after she was born? No one not one reporter or Dr Phil or ANderson Cooper has ever asked the C any of these questions.
Still at Tropical Storm status as of Tuesday morning, Dolly is beginning to kick up a breeze on Texas South Padre Island. The National Hurricane Center track has the storm coming in midday Wednesday, probably as a weak hurricane. In its path are the cities of the Rio Grande Valley McAllen, Harlingen, and Brownsville, Texas, and Matamoros and Reynosa, Mexico.
I take that writing pad to my desk or workspace, and look at it. Sometimes it will just be a general directive, an overarching feeling. Sometimes it will be very specific: about peeling peaches. If it is specific, I want to be in a space and a place where I can actually DO SOMETHING.
When my daughter was little she was in love with her (her word for pacifier), we never left the house without a few, clean in a bag. She slept better with her AND this was one of the happiest babies ever!! Not just my opinion, she would show it everyday in all her actions. Well, one day SHE decided no more, took the out, gave it to me and that was the end of that. If parents are ignoring those for their own purposes (easier), it selfish, but don push a little person to stop something they are so attached to, we wouldn handle it well, why should children be any different just because they are smaller??

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