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04-13-2020, 12:21 AM,
dy, and the bittern
We all had passionate and curious youth, in which we cried, we laughed, and we tasted new things that we hadn't had when we were young. Really tasted bitter and salty, spicy and sour, and the sweetness burst out at the last moment. As a child, I kept a flinch and resisted. Adhering to the "cred of life" that can do nothing, do something and do not do it. I am completely immersed in the fantasy and support of the "ice sugar water" youth, I still uphold the "life creed" of childhood, but I have an inner impulse for new things. For the first time, I felt that the undercurrent in my heart was beating the embankment wildly. The horn of the charge seemed to have collided with my chest. It was a summer. In the junior middle school, my den was at home, letting the noise outside hit the window. At this time, friends from a few streets away sent an invitation to go to the library to appreciate everyone's traditional invitation Newport 100S. I used all kinds of excuses to reject it. I always felt that leaving a warm home would enter the abyss I can't break away in the eyes of others. Such an almost morbid idea constitutes my childhood. This time, I am not the same. My desire for friendship and experiment is born in my heart. Driven by youth, I sent a message of consent. Before going out, I took care of my outfit carefully, saying goodbye to my parents, saying goodbye to my home, and saying goodbye to me Newport Cigarettes. As soon as I went out, a wave of heat came, and the summer wind blew me intolerably Marlboro Gold. The sunlight seemed to be deliberately preventing me from moving forward, pouring pepper water on my body. The salty and sour taste of sweat also spread on my body, and the bitterness in my heart knocked on my legs "Hello-" Standing under the towering library, I gave a long accent . My friend waved to me with a smile, he was like a mileage card, inserted in the junction of my childhood and youth. Entering this library, the air-conditioned cool air, long-lost tranquility. Instantly wash away all my unpleasant moments, at this moment, the book fragrance is like a cube of sugar, which is constantly compressing in my body and bursting. In the bucket, I found sugar cubes with richer flavor and more beautiful shape.
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