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04-13-2020, 12:23 AM,
with a complex emotio
There are so many people in this world, they may be ordinary, but such ordinary people make me feel bad for her-she is the white angel in life, and the person we see not far in life. Yes! We are not far away from seeing them, unless we have a reason to have to see him that year, when I was seven years old-my parents were in the field, my grandmother was in poor health, my home was very far from school, and I still remember the rain that day It ��s very big. The rain of soybeans hit my cool face, and the rain fell from the top of my head to my baby's fat face, drop by drop on my plain clothes, wet my clothes, the clothes were tightly attached to me In the rain, I am so thin in the rain. I looked left and right, expecting my grandmother to come Newport Cigarettes Coupons, but the familiar figure didn't arrive when a little time passed. I was walking alone in the rain, the familiar path was so strange, so cold, I never thought this way At the moment, I think that this road seems to last forever. Slowly in expectation and disappointment, I walked this road by myself. When I got home, I saw the light that was supposed to be bright but it was dark. My heart was completely cold, and I walked quietly to the house, the ice in the house. Cooling only told me that I was the only one in this big room, and the tears were rolling in my eyes Carton Of Cigarettes, and it did not fall down. Suddenly it seemed that I remembered something, and I ran out of the door. I saw a white figure in the distance but not the grandma who bent over. He wanted to approach me. I did not recognize him. Just when I thought he would pass me by, he shouted my name and asked XXXX if it was my grandma Marlboro Gold. After hearing these words, my body was shocked, and my eyes were shocked. He, he said that my grandmother had a stomachache in their hospital on the way to pick me up. Grandma said she had a little girl waiting for her, but it was so painful that she couldn't pick me up and let him pick me up. I was angry with a complex emotion in my heart. I didn't know what it was, but my thigh ran towards the hospital. There was a trace of happiness in her heart. It turned out that she didn't stay away from me, but she was sick. Thinking of this, my heart was overflowing with sour water. He was sick and wanted to pick me up, but I was in my heart. May she look at her pale-faced grandma, but I just want to say "Grandma, I love you, and I will stay with you forever
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