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05-21-2020, 12:08 AM,
Starter Issues

I have recently bought a 2006 1100 and when I went to start it this afternoon the starter motor sounded as though it was turning but not turning the motor over. I took the starter off and all seems fine but I'm no mechanic. Is this a simple change of a starter motor or is this going to be a bigger job? I hear issues like this are common.
Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!
05-21-2020, 08:12 AM,
RE: Starter Issues
Hi if the starter is turning but the motor is not turning over you need to replace the starter clutch it’s on the shifter side of the bike look at the internet it will show you how to do the job but be very careful when you put back the balancer be very sure you check the gear teeth go together and not bend the timing gear or you will be in lots of trouble then you’ll have to pull the motor to replace the gear.believe me I know.take your time.good luck let me know how you did.
05-22-2020, 07:30 AM,
RE: Starter Issues
Thanx for the info, looked it up on YouTube and found a pretty good video. I will let you know how things go!
06-01-2020, 05:58 PM,
RE: Starter Issues
Well after a few hours and running back and forth to the store for tools I didn't have, got it all back together and she started right up first time of asking!!! Trouble is now that three of the four turn signals do not light up but will flash when turn signal is activated, oh well another bit of research to do!
06-01-2020, 08:07 PM,
RE: Starter Issues
Glad to hear that the bike is working now for the signals Che the flasher box might be going bad also recheck if any signal wires got crimped when putting back everything you may also have a couple of bad bulbs.let me know if it helps I have one that I completely rebuilt so I know the headaches.?
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