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07-05-2015, 11:26 PM,
Multiple questions 03 1100 classic... starter/hypercharger/exhaust - jetting carbs,
Hey guys, very pleased to have found this forum!!! Thank you for adding me as a member!!I enjoy learning and performing maintenance myself.

I recently purchased an 03 vstar 1100 classic with 16k miles to replace the 04 1100 classic I wrecked a cpl months ago. That was a learning experience in many ways!!

Ok, so first off I'm having start up issues. Sometimes she fires right up and other times it just clicks/whines and kinda acts like a dead battery but after another 3-4 times pressing ignition button, she fires right up. I've read about starter clutch issues but not sure if that's my problem... starter itself??? Solenoid?? I did a 1 minute video of this happening and posted it on YouTube. I'll put the link here bug I don't know it it will work.

Second issue is that the pipes have been gutted. There is a lot of backfiring when riding... not while I'm on the gas but during slow down/coasting up to a light/stop sign. I've read about jetting the carbs but I don't know how to tell if this has been done already, if this will even fix the backfiring or what kit I would need to jet the carbs. It appears pretty easy from the one article I've read but the YouTube video on replacing a heater core looked easy and quick but that took me 16 hours. Lol... I have no idea what the relation is to jetting carbs when altering/changing exhaust. This leads me to the Third thing... Syncing carbs... does this need to be done when messing with exhaust and/or jetting the carbs. Or even after so many miles?? I'll leave the sync job to the local shop as I'm not confident enough in my abilities to do that...

Fourth issue is related to the carbs/exhaust as well. What exactly is a hypercharger? Should it be added when changing the exhaust and jetting the carbs?

While I don't have a bunch of cash to do whatever I want, I'd hate to have to get the carbs synced each time I change something... I think it would be more appropriate to do it all at one time.

I'm all for anything that will: Make the bike run better, respond quicker, go faster, sound better/louder/cooler, etc, etc.

I'd be more than happy to call someone who knows about this stuff and listen if you prefer to not type a 10,000 word response!!

I have a slew of things I want to do to this bike but I'm starting with the above mentioned issues for now!!


07-06-2015, 09:06 AM,
RE: Multiple questions 03 1100 classic..
well the gutted pipes should be pretty good for sound, hypercharger is not needed because of it but the carbs should be rejetted. also is the ais still on the bike, that could cause some or most of the popping along with the modified exhaust with jetting issues.

here is a good vid on the ais from our very own @Maustarman
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07-06-2015, 11:33 PM,
Multiple questions 03 1100 classic... starter/hypercharger/exhaust - jetting carbs,
Starting issue: sounds like mine, take the starter apart and clean the insides with contact cleaner.

"Backfiring": Decel Pop is not backfiring, if the pipes have indeed been gutted you might check the AIS (if the '03 has that?)

Hypercharger: you don't mess with the intake because you jet, you jet because you messed with the intake and to a lesser extent, when you mess with the exhaust.
If the carbs haven't been jetted since the exhaust was "gutted" you may need to adjust theneedles but thats about it.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO RE-SYNC just because you change the intake/exhaust/jetting. if you don't tke the carbs apart from each other, they should still be synched. however if you have rough idle or certain lg issues when ripping the throttle, it may be time to synch and there are cheap and easy do it your self ways to do it. Some threads here and I believe on the KB.

hope this helps
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