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03-25-2016, 10:43 AM, (This post was last modified: 03-25-2016, 10:50 AM by yamahabrown.)
Hello everyone. First post here, be nice. I just recently removed my carburetor on a 2005 vstar 1100. I took pictures of everything I removed from the carb every step of the way for sanities sake when putting it back together. Not thinking, I did not take pictures of removing all the hoses and cables getting to the carb because in my mind it didn't seem that complicated. A week later I find that I have forgotten how the parts are to be installed exactly as I have not messed with my vstar often. I have searched the web and youtube to no avail. The issue right now is that my throttle cable is sticking after I installed the throttle cable guide and bracket. When I back off the nut and loosen the bracket that secures the cable assy to the carb it snaps just fine, so it seems to be an issue with how I am positioning it. What the heck am I forgetting or doing wrong? Also, I have a spring and a somewhat clear spacer and I cant seem to remember exactly which way to install that either and at this point I am making educated guesses. I am spending way more time on this one area then I'd like and I need help to move forward. If anyone has a picture of what it should look like as I cant seem to find one on the web that would help me. Only thing I see on the web is 650s and they don't look anything like mine. Thanks in advance.

Additionally, after having the throttle cables and hoses disconnected in preparation to pull the carb out I seem to have in my possession a small brass sleeve that I don't know where it came from. It fell from the same side but I have no clue from which component. I tried to be very careful and keep an eye out for everything but alas I am human. Thanks for all your help.
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