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06-08-2016, 05:25 AM,
Valve, Timing
Hello I have a 2002 Vstar 1100. Well let me get to the issue. One day the starter clutch went out and I decided to install a new one without doing much research on how to do it properly. while doing so i messed up the timing on the engine,making the rear cylinder not firing at all. Instead of working on it more and trying to get it right I took it to a shop.They guys there tell me they could do fix the problem. They did the timing, but now its making a small knocking sound and the rear cylinder is still not firing right and now you can hear a knocking noise . Now they tell me they don't want to work on it anymore because it might be a bent valve and they don't do that major job such as switching valves. So after that bad experience, I decided to fix the problem myself. The sounds seems to be a bent valve and what I want to do is to remove the engine off the motorcycle and take off the rear head to check the valves. Has anyone done this procedure?
06-08-2016, 02:23 PM,
RE: Valve, Timing
I have. The problem is the 1100 (and maybe even the others) can be off two teeth before it will bend a valve. Your's might just be slightly out of time, which will cause the bike to under perform and miss. If it did bend the valve look forward to a two to three day tear down. There are a couple of youtube videos but they aren't the greatest. DOUBLE CHECK THE TIMING FIRST.
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