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09-01-2016, 12:58 PM,
stuck in gear
Hello there
I'm new hear so I hope I have got this in the right place.
I was in a hit and run and left in the road with my vxs 650 1999 my problem is iv rebuilt the bike from a cosmetic point but the bike is stuck in 5th gear the bike slid down the road but there is ni visable damage to caseing gear shift as I can see the bike will set off and the clutch works fine but I cant change gear down or up but there is a little play that iv always had tried lots of things like rolling back and forth ridden it to a fashion in the gear its stuck in but cant change gear any ideas where I can start to solve it???
cheers LOZ
09-02-2016, 12:23 PM,
RE: stuck in gear
Here's a diagram of your shift shaft.
[Image: 650%20shift%20shaft_zps2zwqtwca.png]
Something is bent, broken or loose causing your problem as it's straightforward mechanicals with no electrical or anything like that involved. Also, this can be worked on without removing the engine or splitting the cases. Look at the parts closely and see if you can see where it is hanging up. Perhaps you could take a hi res photo and post it.
The long shaft goes through the engine and turns the shift drum via a star shaped part behind a case on the right side of the bike. That could be also where it's hung up.
It's not likely internal to the transmission from your description of events. The shift mechanism is one of the easiest to access if you're handy with tools, but have it looked at by a mechanic if you aren't comfortable taking it apart.
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