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02-26-2017, 09:37 PM,
2005 650 Custom wont turn over wont push start!!
Hey everyone. I hate to join the forum with problems, but i'm out of ideas. I searched the forum but I haven't found anything that sounds like whats going on with my bike.

I recently bought my first bike. i have built and worked on cars my whole life but i am just now venturing into building my first bike.

Ok here we go. I have a 2005 650 custom with 23000 miles. I purchased the bike knowing it didn't run. The person i bought it from didn't know anything about bikes either and decided it easier to buy a new bike than fix this one. I am starting to think he was right.

I was told that the bike would not turn over. That was all the information i was given about the bike before purchase.

I have had the bike 3 days now with no real progress.

Electronic start:
I turn the key fuel relay clicks a few times, engine light goes out after a few seconds neutral light comes on. turn signal/driving lights come on (headlight stays off). turn the gas on pull choke, raise bike off stand, pull clutch, press starter button......... NOTHING. No clicks, no pops, no grinds, just nothing.

Trouble shooting process:
Remove starter (not to self buy a drain pan...... and kitty litter bike starters aren't like car starters). jump starter when off the bike starter spins, put back on bike.

test continuity on starter wire to solenoid: test good
test continuity on solenoid: test good, also jumped solenoid starter would not engage while on bike.

replace old battery with brand new Yamaha battery.

test kickstand switch: test good

test clutch switch: test good

test kill switch: continuity test good

test start button: continuity good, jumped: starter would not engage

Push start attempt:
I put the bike back together after chasing all the circuits i could think of. My wife helped me push the bike to the top of the big hill beside our house..(note to self check on wife laying in the ditch almost to the top of the hill).
turned the key on, gas on choke out, 2nd gear, clutch in coast to 10/11 mph, release clutch.... The back tire locks up and bike skids to a stop. The engine never attempted to turn over.
tried everything a second time in 1st gear with the same results.

side note/question
when the bike is in neutral it will coast/roll easily
when the bike is in gear with the clutch pulled in the bike feels heavy/hard to push.
when in gear and clutch is pulled on the hill the bike would not roll unless pushed
after a short push it will start rolling easier.
Is this normal with bikes?

I am completely out of ideas. I really want to fix this myself but I am at a loss. Is it time to take it to the shop?
Thanks in advance for any help.
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